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Commission The MUN

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Hey Guys!

As you may know I’ve been raising money to make a donation towards Night Vale by doing small bust sketch commissions. Already in just a week of doing this I’ve raised $200!!
Commissions are $10 for a bust sketch and $5 for extra characters.
100% of your money gets donated back to Night Vale

EMAIL: with "HELP NightVale" as the subject and let me know who/what you would like commissioned and I will give you more details.

I would really like to reach the $250 mark, as that’s the minimum donation to get an audio thanks from Cecil and I thought that would be nice since I’m not taking any profit from this. ;;u;; Once I’ve reached $250 I will probably only do a few more to make up for Paypal fees and exchange rates. <3 Lots of thanks to everyone who is supporting me with this!


Sorry listeners!

I’ve got to go into the studio early tomorrow, so I’ve got to run.

Plus I’m going to text Carlos for a bit before I sleep.

It’s been weird, not having him around the house.

Tonight’s Weather: A Hymn For the Exiled

i want you near me
i know you can’t hear me, now
but i’m falling down with your name
i want you near me
i wish you could hear me, now
while i’m falling down with your name in my mouth 

Time Jumps

Here are the images of my cosplays from over time

- Cecil: I really wasn’t planning on cosplaying Cecil. But it happened and I had fun, so it got out of hand and I dyed my hair, etc etc

- Carlos: I actually don’t have the earliest gifs (just a screenshot)  because I didn’t save them. I used my natural, short, and straight hair. I didn’t want to remember that, anyway…

- Diego/Double Carlos: I used my Carlos wigs for the earliest gifs, and didn’t show anything above my nose, really… Then I started using my own hair and darkening out my eyes. Most time consuming and energy draining cosplay EVER. Also, due to my hair being bleached I’m putting double Carlos on hiatus for now…


I’ve been cosplaying Night Vale for about a year now. I can’t say I’ve made any noticeable improvements per se, but  I’m happy with the changes that happened. I still have a long way to go.

If you’re not satisfied by your work, try, and try again. Though you may be terrific at it already, there’s always room for more improvement in your eyes.

R̸ͪ̃ͫE͌ͭͯͧ͏͜Ả̐̄̑̉̿̕C̡ͨ̑͒̀H̄ͤ͆͋͋̆ͦ͋́ ̇̏̚̕͡Y̔̽ͭͥͪ̊͌͟͢Ǫ̐̂ͧ̃U̿ͤ͌̂͋̓̀̕R͆̀̍͋ͮ͗͒͊ ̂ͧ͂ͭ͋̂ͦ̓F̶̵͆ͭ̊ͭ͐ͧ̎̚͟U̡̡͆͒ͮ͠Ĺ̨̢L̡ͬ̑ ͊͌̏̓̀͏P̚̚҉͡͏R̨̾̐̎ͦ̐̅́ͦǪ̸ͮͦ̊̏͏D̶̏͌̈ͩͩ̽̃́͡Ȕ̸̒͑̆̀́͡C̅ͯ͞T́͊̓͏I̸͋̈ͩ͆̅V̸̓Ę̴̈́̉̍͂̓ ̨̉̌̃ͬͮ͘P̒ͥ͆ͥ͆͠O͋͌̒̀͡T̴̢̋̾̐̈́Ę̐̊ͮ͢N̷̓̄̽Ţ̏ͤ̈̽̍ͪ͢I̧̊͛ͣ̃ͯͣͮÅ͋͊ͪ͝҉L̈̓͗̅̑͆͏

So, now that the Scoutmaster is back, how will you deal with the lonely nights without Carlos? Holed up in a kitchen with...

Well, excuse ME!

What a scandalous thing to say-


Considering that fact that I am indeed… holed up in a kitchen

Also A Side Note:

I had noticed Khoshekh slipped out earlier…

Turns out he was waiting outside the door all along!

What a rascal!

If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go
Matthew Gray Gubler  (via jeeeplife)

A few bottles of bleach or government approved hair dye,

You TOO, can have killer hair that disposes of all your critics and enemies!


((Thanks a lot darlin!))

Who's that handsome radio host?~

… Who?


Good lord, CERTAINLY not me!

LEGS -Chef Harlan

Whatcha gonna do Chef? Serve me up for the next meal, legs and all?


Asks Are Open

((I’ll get to Carlos next time!))