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Tuesday: 8:30PM- 12:00AM

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Sunday: 08:30PM-12:00AM

Commission The MUN

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What is the weirdest thing that has happened in the past 20 minutes in Night Vale?


Hmm… I think YOU.


Or me, for that matter.

Everything and anything here is weird and proceeds to become the weirdest in one succeeding moment after the other.


Young Cecil and his casette recorder

Apologies for the Tremendous Delay-


That’s not a very good business model, is it?

I’ll get right into business.


No use dragging this out.


My friend got Night Vale/ Desert Bluffs themed nails and they are awesome.


Cecil: Carlos is soooooooooooo precious, isn’t he Listeners????


Rise Up, Night Vale | listen

There's a war coming, you'd best choose a  s i d e.

i. Afraid — The Neighbourhood ii. Avalon — Professor Green ft. Sierra Kusterbeck iii. Bad Girls — M.I.A iv. Bang Bang — Willy Moon v. Breaking the Law — Judas Priest vi. Carry on Wayward Son — Kansas vii. Civilian — Wye Oak viii. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of the War Drums — A Perfect Circle ix. Dark Doo Wop — Ms Mr x. Death is a Disease — Clint Mansell xi. Empire (Creep remix) — Alpines xii. The Final Countdown — Europe xiii. Glory and Gore — Lorde xiv. Heads Will Roll — Yeah Yeah Yeahs xv. Help I’m Alive — Metric xvi. Like Wolves — David Condos xvii. LIve to Rise — Soundgarden xviii. The Moon is Falling Down — Crywolf xix. My Boy Builds Coffins — Florence and the Machine xx. No Church in the Wild — Kanye West xxi. Pagan Poetry — Bjrk xxii. Paradise Circus — Massive Attack xxiii. Pompeii — Bastille xxiv. Rome — Yeasayer xxv. The Ruler & The Killer — Kid Cudi xxvi. Run Boy Run — Woodkid xxvii. Runnin’ With the Devil — Van Halen xxviii. Sacrilege — Yeah Yeah Yeahs xxix. Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob remix) — The White Stripes xxx. Until It Hurts — Fransisca Hall xxxi. We Might be Dead By Tomorrow — SoKo xxxii. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid — The Offspring xxxiii. Modern Jesus — Portugal. The Man xxxiv. Save Our City — Ludo xxxv. Suburban War — Arcade Fire xxxvi. Our War — Neon Trees xxxvii. Gods and Monsters — Lana Del Rey xxxviii. Goodbye Blue Sky — Pink Floyd 

Special thanks to deusxsubridens for providing the artwork! 

Dear Carlos, what do you think about the puppy infestation in Night Vale?


I’m sure puppies don’t reproduce via mitosis.

Do they?


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Carlos sits Cecil down for a full-scale exam For Science, starting with that lovely (alleged) third eye.

Even I think my Carlos is hot, but then, I have a terrific weakness for dark-haired dudes going gray at the temples.

*whispers* Carrrrrrrrrrrlooooossssssss


*whispers back* Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecilllllllllllllllllllllllllll



date night on the ‘waterfront’