Indefinite Semi Hiatus Notice

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Monday: CLOSED

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Sunday: 08:30PM-12:00AM

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Indefinite Semi-Hiatus Notice



Hey guys-

This is to say I’ll be on semi-hiatus on this blog indefinitely, most likely until summer or until I figure out where I stand on the fandom atmosphere.

By semi hiatus, I mean: I’ll still be cosplaying and drawing WTNV, yes. My inbox will also be open. I will be active on my personal blog. But not as actively on the askblog. I don’t exactly know how to describe it. Passive? Definitely not scheduled and weekly ask sessions like  I used to. I’m not going to get involved in any discussions and arguments outside of canon matters. I’ll have a bystander/onlooker mentalityI’ll be uploading stuff from time to time, most likely from my main blog. I’ll also set up a queue.

See you around, and thanks for all the fun times! Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

XoxO, Sasha

Further explanations and opinions under cut.

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i dont think im ever going to be able to settle for just one cecil headcannon

A new man came into town today. Who is he? What does he want from us? Why his perfect and beautiful haircut? Why his perfect and beautiful coat? He says he is a scientist. Well, we have all been scientists and one point or another in our lives. But why now? Why here?


Edit: I made it animated because of all the notes.


short hair Carlos, long hair Carlos


I made a thing! Been working on this forever and I finally settled on a design. Thanks to Brandon for the input as well!

Obviously the watermark is for Tumblr only.

Hope you all like it.

Society6 // Red Bubble


cecil got him the shirt


And in the vein of college-aged things, here is my and Nick’s DB!Carlos, Caesar, in his college years as well~  For one so young, he has a serious affliction of The Serious.



"No, no, please, tell me more about how you’re afraid to ask out a man who’s confessed his love for you on public radio."

"I hate you."

"Love you too lil’ brother."

I feel like Carlos has sisters, don’t ask me why I just feel like he does. Also one has to wonder why it took Carlos a month after the events of “One Year Later” to ask Cecil out.

Sjonni's Friends
Coming Home
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Eurovision Countdown: Past 3 Years

2011 Iceland

Coming Home- Sjonni’s Friends

Some say I’m a bit of a fool,
sitting on a hill and counting raindrops.
Keep thinking I just wanna go
to the peaceful place I know,
that I call home.

But oh oh oh it’s time to go, I’ll see you, I’ll see you soon.

Cause I can’t wait for tomorrow
to say the things I wanna say,
your smile will always lead my way.
I can’t wait, I’m coming soon,
I just wanna see your face again.